Monday, February 14, 2022

February Trick

February Trick

Daffodil is fooled into thinking it is spring.
Donning a yellow sundress, she opens her mouth to sing.

Sunshine plays a trick on her, expelling winter gloom,
dancing upon her budded face and coaxing her to bloom.

Yesterday was cold; the temperature dipped low;
quite normal for the month, we even saw some snow. 

Today, the sun shines brightly. The thermometer climbs to sixty.
Daffodil says, "Look at me! Aren't I just nifty?"

Now her leaves pop forth, reaching toward the sun.
She lets the warmth deceive her, "There's lots of time for fun.

"I'll come out to play and revel in the breezing.
Uh-oh! I took a chance, but now the air is freezing."

What to do? Stay or go? Too late to reconsider.
"I wish I’d brought a coat with me to guard against the bitter."

She promised that this year she wouldn’t rush to arrive.
She’d wait till spring was earnest, when blossoms could survive.

But memory fails our golden friend, for last year was the same;
 Sunshine fooled her that year too; in February she came.

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